An FDA pivotal trial of our hospital monitoring device is underway at multiple sites, following promising first-in-human pilot studies and foundational research.

Clinical Evidence for Sense Technology

First-in-Human ICH monitor trial

9 patients enrolled

600 hours of monitoring time

3600 SENSE scans performed

2 exhibited > 3mL expansion of ICH

7 no expansion

100% correspondence of SENSE with CT results at 12 hours. No false positives/no false negatives.

First-in-Human Stroke differentiation trial

5 LVO*, 5 non LVO*, 5 ICH**

Study conducted at Good Samaritan Hospital and UC

5 LVO*(completed)

5 non-LVO* completed

5 ICH** completed

Trial has been succesfully completed
*Large Vessel Occlusion (LVO)
**Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH)

Case Study: Hospital Monitoring

Patient data from our 2020 First-in-Human ICH monitor trial demonstrates Sense’s NeuSTAT™ non-invasive, continuous monitoring device detected a 3 ml expanded bleed five hours before it was detected through the current standard of care.

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