Introducing NeuroHawkTM

You know that delays in identifying a stroke or TBI can result in your patient experiencing permanent disability or even death.

Sense Neuro will be introducing a portable, non-invasive, battery-operated device to objectively detect and assess Stroke or TBI in real time in 2024 – for EMS provider to use in a pre-hospital or non-clinical setting.

NeuroHawk EMS consists of a disposable headset, a cell-phone-sized scanner and mobile app. Portable and easy to use, NeuroHawk scans the entire cranial vault, including deep structures such as the thalamus and brainstem, so you can save precious time.

How does NeuroHawk work?

Nine antennae transmit and receive a low-power radiofrequency pulse through brain matter.

Healthy brain tissue has unique electrical properties that react to the signal in a signature way.

Hemorrhages cause distinctive changes to the RF signal.

System measures the intensity of the signal and the phase difference, to help determine the location of hemorrhage within specific region of the head.

A neural network algorithm interprets the signals to detect bleeds as small as 1mL.

Easily detect brain hemorrhage in the field or point-of-care setting.

Quickly determine where to transport patient for proper level of care.

The first generation NeuroHawkTM will act as a blood / no-blood screening tool. Our 2nd generation will provide more detailed clinical information, including stroke sub-type (hemorrhagic or ischemic).

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Note: NeuroHawkTM is not currently FDA cleared.  This is not an offer to sell.

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