NEWS | Feb 3, 2021

Sense co-founder/CTO Dr. George Shaw, MD to present at SAEM21

Sense Neuro Diagnostics co-founder and CTO Dr. George Shaw, MD, will present clinical findings at the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine’s 2021 virtual meeting in May. The abstract accepted for presentation, “Pilot study of a non-invasive RF method to determine stroke subtype,” details Sense’s first-in human stroke differentiation study.

The study of Sense’s NeuSTAT™ non-invasive brain scanner involved 20 patients at comprehensive stroke centers. A control group of three had no stroke, and the remaining 17 had different stroke subtypes. In the study, Sense’s technology was able to classify stroke by subtype with 99.3% accuracy.

It is critical to be able to detect stroke by subtype in a pre-hospital setting in order to appropriately triage and transport patients to comprehensive stroke centers, where time-dependent treatments can be administered as quickly as possible.

The Sense device has advanced to an FDA pivotal trial, underway at multiple sites.