Sense is developing non-invasive brain scanners that enable faster detection and triage, and continuous monitoring of brain injury, to improve patient outcomes.

How Sense Works

Sense is developing non-invasive headsets which contain nine antennae. These antennae alternate transmit and receive a safe, low-power radio frequency (RF) pulse across the patient’s brain.

Healthy brain tissues have unique electrical properties that alter the RF wave as it passes through the tissue. Similarly, hemorrhages and ischemic tissue cause distinctive changes to the RF signal.

A proprietary algorithm classifies stroke by subtype: intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH), large vessel occlusion (LVO) or non-LVO

Single scan in 2.5 seconds

360 data points per scan

Analyzes the entire cranial vault

Sense is developing technology to differentiate between:


Intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH)
Large vessel occlusion (LVO)

Traumatic brain injury

Intracerebral hemorrhages

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