NEWS | May 10, 2021
Sense announces strategic collaboration with healthcare catalyst Inflect Health

Sense Neuro Diagnostics, a medical technology company focused on improving outcomes for stroke and brain injury patients, today announced a strategic collaboration with Inflect Health, the new nationwide, multispecialty investment and innovation hub formed by Vituity. As part of this new relationship, Inflect Health will provide Sense access to its robust network of frontline physicians and healthcare experts and offer guidance on market development, commercial awareness and go-to-market strategy.

Owned and led by physicians and healthcare business experts, Inflect Health represents a single point of contact for healthcare innovators seeking to grow, develop and scale their healthtech solutions. With access to a network of 3,000 physicians, 2,000 advanced providers, 1,500 scribes and more than 300 hospitals, Inflect Health is well-positioned to serve as a comprehensive go-to-market and strategic business partner for early-stage startups such as Sense Neuro Diagnostics.

“Through innovation, Sense Neuro Diagnostics is addressing a critical need identified by its medical co-founders and well understood by physicians who practice emergency medicine, neurology and neurocritical care,” said Inflect Health President and Vituity Chief Operations and Innovation Officers Andrew Smith. “We are pleased to partner with Sense on a range of possible market applications for this promising technology.”

Each year nearly 800,000 people suffer strokes in the United States and 1.7 million Americans suffer traumatic brain injury. Ongoing or repeat bleeding in the brain contributes to decreased brain function and disability and may be difficult to detect under the current standard of care. There is currently no objective way to detect brain injury and stroke subtype in a field environment, or to non-invasively and continuously monitor brain injury for expanded hemorrhage in the hospital.

Sense is developing non-invasive, wearable brain scanners using novel technology to enable rapid detection of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and important stroke subtypes in a pre-hospital setting, and continuous brain injury monitoring between CT scans in a hospital setting. In Q1 2021, Sense initiated a multicenter pivotal trial to evaluate its device to monitor intracranial hemorrhage in an acute hospital setting, following positive in vitro and in vivo proof of concept studies and a successful first in human feasibility study.

“We are excited to collaborate with the team at Inflect Health, an organization of top physicians and specialists who bring top clinical expertise and who share our vision for improving patient outcomes,” said Geoffrey Klass, CEO of Sense Neuro Diagnostics. “Input and insights from Inflect Health will be valuable as we advance toward market entry.”

About Inflect Health

Inflect Health is a catalyst for better care. Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices across America, Inflect Health provides guidance and financial support to early-stage healthcare and healthtech companies building promising solutions that offer to meet the needs of today’s evolving healthcare landscape. With its robust access to frontline providers, health systems, and industry players, Inflect Health connects capital to innovators to physicians, catalyzing real-time, real-world innovation and disruption unlike anyone else. For more information on Inflect Health, including its portfolio, partners, services, and networking opportunities, visit or find Inflect Health on LinkedIn or Twitter @InflectHealth.