Technology, design, and data are valuable metrics, but it’s clinical outcomes that move the needle.

See what our clinical evidence says about the use of Sense technology for field assessment and hospital monitoring.

Field Assessment

Single scan in 2.5 seconds

360 data points collected

Entire cranial vault analyzed

Bleed detection from 1ml up to 60ml

Range of Bleeds

First in Human Trial Successfully Completed

SENSE Neuro Diagnostics Inc. has successfully completed its ‘first in human’ trial of the SENSE device in intracranial hemorrhage (ICH) patients in the neurological intensive care unit. The objective of this small pilot trial was the safety and usability of the device in the clinical setting.

An additional objective was the detection of > 3 ml of ICH expansion (HE) using a non-invasive RF-based technique. There were no significant adverse events (SAEs) from the use of the device during continuous patient monitoring for up to 72 hours. Although the trial was small (n=10), the concordance of the SENSE readings with CT was 100% for the presence or absence of HE.

We look forward to the initiation of our pivotal clinical trial of the device in August of this year, as the COVID 19 pandemic permits.

Hospital Monitoring

9 patients, Compared SENSE to CT Scans at baseline, 12 and 72 hours

No false positives, No false negatives

100% Agreement

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