NEWS | May 18, 2023

Military Health System Research Symposium

Sense Neuro Diagnostics Receives Very Positive Feedback After Presentation at U.S. Department of Defense’s Military Health System Research Symposium

The Sense Neuro Diagnostics team is pursuing new funding opportunities after a strong presentation at the Department of Defense’s foremost scientific meeting – the Military Health System Research Symposium (MHSRS) in Kissimmee, FL.

The MHSRS is the premier military or civilian meeting that focuses specifically on the unique medical needs of service men and women on the battlefield. More than 4,000 people attended the MHSRS to present and review scientific knowledge gained from military-unique research and development. Sense’s Vice President of Product Development Joe Korfhagen was selected to deliver a podium presentation on the development of the MedTech startup’s hemorrhage detection and hemorrhage expansion monitoring algorithms.

Korfhagen was also joined by CEO Geoff Klass for an opportunity to showcase all three of Sense’s products under development at Medical Technology Enterprise Consortium (MTEC) booth at the symposium. MTEC is a public-private partnership that is managed by the Department of Defense to develop innovative medical technologies that improve the health and safety of military personnel, veterans, and civilians. MTEC is a current partner of Sense Neuro Diagnostics.

Military personnel at the symposium offered overwhelmingly positive feedback after presentations of Sense’s technology and its use case in a far-forward environment. Sense executives say they are hopeful to receive further funding through the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP), which fills research gaps by funding high-impact, high-risk, and high-gain projects that other agencies may not fund. This new funding would be supported through the Traumatic Brain Injury and Psychological Health Research Program (TBIPHRP), a peer-reviewed granting mechanism, and would allow Sense to test its NeuroHawk device in a clinical setting.

Behind the Science: Non-Invasive Brain Scanners

Time is brain. You’ll hear us say that a lot at Sense Neuro Diagnostics. We’re on a mission to aid personnel to detect, monitor, and manage brain conditions in real-time. Once a brain cell dies, there’s no getting it back. If you or a loved one is riding in an ambulance going to a hospital ill-prepared for a brain injury or waiting in the ER for a CT scan, those could be crucial moments slipping away that you’ll never get back, possibly resulting in permanent disability or death.

Sense Neuro Welcomes Eric Bailey as Chief Commercial Officer

Cincinnati, OH - Sense Neuro Diagnostics today announced the hiring of Eric Bailey as Chief Commercial Officer. With experience as a seasoned CEO and expertise in technical and operational responsibilities in startup businesses, specifically in the market areas Sense Neuro intends to enter, we are proud to welcome Bailey to the team.

US FDA New Clinical for Sense Neuro Diagnostics

The new trial approved by the FDA Division of Neurosurgical, Neurointerventional, and Neurodiagnostic Devices will begin as soon as June 2023 and involve up to 300 patients at 30 sites in the United States, as well as Canada and India.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare Invests $250,000 In Sense Neuro Diagnostics

Medical technology startup Sense Neuro Diagnostics has received $250,000 in funding from St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Edgewood, Kentucky. The investment will help Sense Neuro Diagnostics as the company advances clinical trials in its effort to commercialize a non-invasive technology to monitor traumatic brain injuries.

Sense Neuro Diagnostics Places Second In Unicorn Cup Finals Q4 2022

Cincinnati-based Sense Neuro Diagnostics is pursuing new international investment opportunities after coming in second place in the Unicorn CUP Finals startup competition. The pitch event is affiliated with Unicorn Events, the world’s largest startup pitch competition that focuses on discovering extraordinary startups that have the potential to achieve a valuation of $1 billion or more.