NEWS | December 26, 2023

Eric Bailey - Chief Commercial Officer

Sense Neuro Welcomes Eric Bailey as Chief Commercial Officer

Cincinnati, OH – Sense Neuro Diagnostics today announced the hiring of Eric Bailey as Chief Commercial Officer. With experience as a seasoned CEO and expertise in technical and operational responsibilities in startup businesses, specifically in the market areas Sense Neuro intends to enter, we are proud to welcome Bailey to the team. His duties will include establishing a strategic relationship with medical device companies and healthcare institutions. He will also be advising on regulatory and commercial planning and execution.

Bailey feels Sense Neuro has the winning technology for neurological disorder detection and monitoring, particularly for stroke and traumatic brain injury, and adds, “The world desperately needs this device.”

With almost 40 years experience, Bailey has made a career out of improving medical imaging devices with a specialization on neurological devices that detect stroke and traumatic brain injury. He will be instrumental in taking Sense Neuro from a startup to a revenue generating commercial organization. He has founded and worked as CEO at multiple companies focused on inventing and designing new imaging devices for the medical industry, including Siemens Healthineers and Neurologica Corporation, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics. Through his work, he has received multiple awards including Business Week’s Top 10 Life Saving Medical Devices, the AHRA Best New Radiology System, and the Red Dot Design Award. Bailey also holds more than three dozen patents, mostly for medical imaging devices.

Bailey is a retired captain in the Air Force and graduate of The Citadel with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. His military experience will be helpful in our partnership with the Department of Defense as we work to bring a non-invasive headset to detect TBI to the field. He also has an M.S. in Computer Science from Harvard University and Franklin College. Bailey was presented with an honorary PhD. in Biomedical Engineering from Northeastern University for his contributions to medical imaging, specifically for creating the world’s first multi-slice CT and the CereTomTM Mobile Head/Neck CT.

Sense Neuro Diagnostics started in 2014 and aims to develop non-invasive brain scanners that enable faster detection and triage, and continuous monitoring of brain injury. These headsets can differentiate between stroke and traumatic brain injury. With a mission to aid medical personnel and support them to detect, monitor, and manage brain conditions in real-time, Sense Neuro strives to improve patient outcomes and increase efficiency of care through cutting-edge technology.

Behind the Science: Non-Invasive Brain Scanners

Time is brain. You’ll hear us say that a lot at Sense Neuro Diagnostics. We’re on a mission to aid personnel to detect, monitor, and manage brain conditions in real-time. Once a brain cell dies, there’s no getting it back. If you or a loved one is riding in an ambulance going to a hospital ill-prepared for a brain injury or waiting in the ER for a CT scan, those could be crucial moments slipping away that you’ll never get back, possibly resulting in permanent disability or death.

US FDA New Clinical for Sense Neuro Diagnostics

The new trial approved by the FDA Division of Neurosurgical, Neurointerventional, and Neurodiagnostic Devices will begin as soon as June 2023 and involve up to 300 patients at 30 sites in the United States, as well as Canada and India.

St. Elizabeth Healthcare Invests $250,000 In Sense Neuro Diagnostics

Medical technology startup Sense Neuro Diagnostics has received $250,000 in funding from St. Elizabeth Healthcare in Edgewood, Kentucky. The investment will help Sense Neuro Diagnostics as the company advances clinical trials in its effort to commercialize a non-invasive technology to monitor traumatic brain injuries.

Sense Neuro Diagnostics Places Second In Unicorn Cup Finals Q4 2022

Cincinnati-based Sense Neuro Diagnostics is pursuing new international investment opportunities after coming in second place in the Unicorn CUP Finals startup competition. The pitch event is affiliated with Unicorn Events, the world’s largest startup pitch competition that focuses on discovering extraordinary startups that have the potential to achieve a valuation of $1 billion or more.